A cocktail tailored to your preferences certainly includes ice that makes the drinking experience complete. We not only produce ice for you, but also provide a Bottled experience if you can't make it to Riddle Bar.

Ice makes all the difference in a cocktail. In-house made clear ice blocks are cut into perfect serve cubes, spheres, diamonds and other shapes.It ensures you get the perfectly neutral ice in smell and flavor, keeping your drink cool, without over-dilution.

Enigma Liquor Store

Tried a spirit you enjoyed at Riddle Bar? Finding the rarest out there is no longer a nuisance! You can buy by-the-bottle spirits available at Enigma Shop, a special corner inside our bar dedicated to special spirits.

Bottled experience

If you can’t come to Riddle, Riddle will come to you. Perfect as a gift or celebratory drink in the comfort of your home, our cocktails come in signature bottles, in servings for up to 6 people. Whether you pick it up personally or order it online, Bottled experience is there for you no matter where you go.