Want to have Riddle Bar’s libations at your next event or celebration? Our catering service can make any event you have planned a bit more special. And if you lack ideas for team building, we have some too.


Besides cocktails made exclusively for your team/guests, we will complement your celebration with a diverse selection of sweet and savory snacks. We guarantee flexibility, adaptability, and direct support from the bartender and the rest of the team throughout the duration of the event.


If you plan on investing in hospitality, Riddle Consulting Team offers complete consulting solutions from the ground up. Otherwise, if you are already a hospitality business professional and you’d like to train your employees the best you can, contact us for creating a perfect menu tailored for your venue, employee training, bar and functional interior design.

Team Building

Building a team culture has similarities to making a cocktail. In order to succeed, you need to cater to different preferences, yet maintain the distinctiveness and originality that sets your team apart from the rest. How about strengthening your team with a Cocktail masterclass workshop?