Defying the ordinary when it comes to the offer of cocktail bars in Belgrade. At the heart of the famous Bohemian Quarter of Skadarlija, you can drop in to find a discrete but vibrant crowd where service is tailored to your preference.

The Vibe

Drawing inspiration from classic art nouveau and secession style that resemble American bars from the 1920s, you’ll find yourself immersed in the speakeasy seclusion given by large, heavy curtains at the entrance and wood as dominant material. Central to the space, the long bar has a discrete, yet effective lighting showcasing numerous bitters and spices in old fashioned bottles.


With the first exchanged words you experience that familiar sense of warmth and closeness, as if you just entered the home of a very close friend and confidant. We serve the rarest quality spirits and uniquely crafted original cocktails that tend not only to completely disturb your sense of familiar flavours but make you experience every sip of a drink as a discovery of the whole new world. We care deeply for our craft, which is why we give our every move, word and gesture an artistic, theatrical twist.

Signature Cocktails

We offer 15-20 signature cocktails over the year that are mixed with homemade ingredients such as: local herbal syrups, blackberry vinaigrette reduction, local vegetables, homemade pesto, tea blends served in crystal glassware over in-house made ice blocks, spheres and diamonds.